Low Dose X-Rays in West Caldwell, NJ

X-Rays in West Caldwell, NJ – Do you feel discomfort around a particular area in your body? Is the pain hindering your ability to fulfill your daily routine?
Visit The Doctors’ Office for X-Rays in West Caldwell, NJ and receive an exam to determine if you have an internal wound.

An X-ray is digital image of the internal structure of something. The technology itself is an electromagnetic wave of high energy that travels through many different solid components. For Doctors and other professional in the medical industry, X-Rays provide a closer look to inside of a human’s body without performing an incision to the body. The X-Ray typically helps physicians determine whether there are any injuries present.

Performing an X-Ray:
X-Rays tend to be one of the quickest procedures within a hospital, urgent care center or doctor’s office. The patient is usually positioned to stand or lay on a flat surface between the X-Ray machine and photographic plate. The machine then takes a few moments to capture an internal image of your body.

The physicians at The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care of West Caldwell are always available to help you understand the X-Ray process. Patients usually find that having a professional explain these things make them feel more comfortable overall.

Developing an X-ray image:
Essentially, the image produced by an X-ray machine is possible due to the higher frequencies of light delivered in the patient’s direction. Light traveling at an average low frequency does not have the power to travel through your body. X-rays machines are able to send those frequencies at a faster rate to light up the inside of your body while a computerized photography machine snaps a photo to capture what cannot be seen from without.

X-ray Exam candidates:
X-ray exams are not typically part of an comprehensive assessment. Doctors will often ask for one to be completed if you are feeling pain or heavy discomfort in an area that they cannot physically see. Emergency rooms and urgent care centers will always perform an x-ray for any signs of broken bones, ligaments or tissue. X-ray exams can also help a physician detect if a patient is suffering from certain diseases such as cystic fibrosis, chronic pulmonary disease or even internal bleeding.

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