School Physicals in West Caldwell, NJ

The medical professionals at The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care in West Caldwell perform school physicals for children of all ages. Make sure your child is up to date with all the health requirements and visit The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care today.

Prior to the new school year, a physical exam and health assessment must be completed in order for your child to begin his or her academic year. The West Caldwell – Doctors’ Office Urgent Care offers patients of all ages an extensive check-up of all prior and current health conditions with accurate information relevant to the child’s physical well-being.

School Physicals:
A physiological exam required by various school districts. The exam determines whether the child’s health is prepared to handle what is asked of students through the school year. This includes, extra curricular activities, P.E.,being aware of food allergies and more. When your child is at school, the administration is liable for any incidents. They should always be aware of any pre-existing conditions to handle emergencies, accordingly.

Candidates for school physicals:
Not all academic organizations in West Caldwell, NJ require physicals. Sometimes, the physical exam is only requested when the child chooses to join a sport as an extra-curricular activity. Because these activities include routines that may cause physical exertion, school administration feels that every child should provide those that are supervising him or her with any and all physical conditions before the child chooses to join.

Aspects of a school physical:
The physical exam will be performed with two focuses. One being the review of the all the medical conditions the patient is or has suffered from the past. Once all the prior health conditions have been documented the exam will follow up with a check-up to test the physical capabilities of the patient’s body.

The patient’s current height and weight will be monitored along with his or her vital signs.
The patient’s joints will be checked for density, responsiveness and flexibility in order to determine if the patient is sensitive physical interaction.
The patient’s vision will be examined to ensure that he or she is wearing the appropriate lenses or is prescribed to order a pair.

Other organs, like the lungs and the ears, will be looked at to make sure there are no irregularities in the patient’s breathing or sense of hearing.

The importance of physical exams for your child:
School physicals are intended to ensure your child’s physical safety while they are in the care of their teachers and coaches. These exams will give everyone who watching over your child some insight into what your child is or isn’t physically capable of accomplishing. You should always keep them informed and up to date to prevent injuries from happening.

In West Caldwell, The Doctors’ Office Urgent care will help your child transition into the new school year. Knowing that your child is physically prepared to take on all the new challenges that may come will make you feel more at ease.

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