Occupational Medicine in West Caldwell, NJ

Are your employees working in an environment that could potentially be a danger to their health? Has an employee accumulated multiple absences because of an debilitating injury? Is there any suspicion of drug or alcohol problem within the workplace?

When your employees are unable to perform at the required level of productivity your organization needs for it to sustain, your company may risk losing valued customers. The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care of West Caldwell can incorporate occupational medicine services into your employee benefits.

Occupational Medicine:
By definition, occupational health refers to the safety and health precautions that should be accounted for in employee working environments. Occupational health in essence protects employees from the risk of suffering any physical or psychological damage due to a workplace hazard.

Our occupational medicine services include:
Supported training on workplace safety
Educational presentations on how to prevent occupational hazards
Provide insight on how to assess if you’re physical apt for work

Highly effective with low costs:
The physicians at the West Caldwell – Doctors’ Office Urgent Care strive to deliver best quality services. Our experience and expertise in the medical industry allows us to provide your employees with the health care they need. The occupational medicine services will not only enhance the employee’s lifestyle at a low cost but will also give them the tools to keep working efficiently.

Our method:
Our occupational medicine services have been ranked high and continue to hold a leading position. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with advanced technology and a knowledgeable staff to ensure that you receive the appropriate services. Your employees will be cared for by doctors and therapist who have years of experience and will provide you patients with methods on how to prevent occupational injuries.

The West Caldwell staff of The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care offers various services including X-Ray exams, vaccinations and pulmonary testing to ensure that all employees are capable of working in physical conditions that are no disruptive to the workflow.

Some of our leading occupational medicine services:
Screenings for drug use (DOT and NON DOT)
Individual comprehensive exams
Worker’s Compensation
Post-offer employment testing
Pre-employment physicals

With these services, our staff ensures:
A plan of action that guarantees a quick return to work
A precise diagnostic to health assessments
A supporting system of communication with employers
Decreased medical expenses

The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care has been certified and received the distinguished accreditation from the Urgent Care Association (UCA)