General Medical Care in West Caldwell, NJ

Do you feel the shakes and shivers? Have you been experiencing common cold symptoms? Has a wound on your body become infected?
The West Caldwell – Doctors’ Office Urgent Care, general medical services will provide you with the diagnosis you need to reach a quick recovery.

Health Care
Our experienced staff members are available to provide you and your family a combination of general medical care in West Caldwell, NJ. The physicians perform yearly health assessments and can help you control the symptoms caused by a severe physical condition. We are here to advocate a healthy lifestyle by taking the proper preventative measures that may include educating patients on health screenings, safe sex practices or the overall treatment to a pre-existing medical condition.

Providing care for Ailments:
Long waits can become frustrating when you are not feeling well. At The Doctors’ Office of West Caldwell, we make sure that you receive the immediate attention you deserve. Your health is our priority and we can care for it without giving you a hassle about appointments.

Ailments treated include but not limited to:
Ear Infections
Eye Infections
Sinus Infections
Respiratory Infections
Bacterial Infections
Urinary Tract Infections
Viral Infections

Injuries that do not pose a threat to your life:
Accidents happen and sometimes the unexpected injuries can hold you back from completing daily life sustaining tasks. An injury like a fractured or crushed bone needs proper care in order for your body to gain the strength it had prior to the injury. Our medical team is here to help you and your body recover comfortably.

Injuries treated include but are not limited to:

Eye and/or ear injuries
Sports injuries
Animal bites
Insect bites

Let us, at The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care of West Caldwell, provide you top of the line General Medical Care Services. Your overall wellbeing is our first concern.

The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care has been certified and received the distinguished accreditation from the Urgent Care Association (UCA)