Flu Shots in West Caldwell, NJ

Flu season comes every year and spreads germs like wildfire, putting you a risk for high fevers and uncomfortable cost. Protect your immune system should be your top priority.
The Doctor’s Office Urgent Care offers flu shots in West Caldwell, NJ to help you lower your risk of experiencing a horrible flu.

Flu Shots:
We’re all familiar with the body aches, shivers and runny nose symptoms. Like clockwork, when flu season arrives – patients run to their nearest drug store to stock up on cold remedies to help them complete their daily task. With the advancement of medicine, the medical industry has been able to develop a preventative measure to keep flu from attacking your immune system.

The flu shot was created with substances that build antibodies within your immune system. After two weeks of the initial injection, the flu shot will gradually strengthen your system and help you naturally prevent any flu-causing bacteria from inhibiting your body.

Why Flu Vaccinations are Necessary:
People living not only in West Caldwell but all over America experience the flu once or twice a year. Some patients show mild symptoms while other may suffer from more life-threatening symptoms like fevers with temperatures over 103.5.

For Americans, October marks the beginning of the flu season and continues throughout the year until the following May. With the season spanning over 2/3 of the entire year, your risk of catching the flu is high. Opting for the flu shot will provide you with the health and peace of mind you need to be an active part of your community.

Flu shot candidates:
Anyone over the age of 6 months should receive the flu shot. Anyone who is allergic to a particular set of allergens should consult with a physician before receiving the vaccination.

When to get the flu shot:
Since the season begins in October and the shot takes two weeks to go into effect, you should try to receive the vaccine before or as soon as you learn when the vaccine is being offered in near medical centers.

The effects of the flu shot:
The antibodies created by the shot live inside your immune system for one whole year. As you get older, your immune system weakens and you become more vulnerable to contracting the flu-causing bacteria. That is why patients ensure their flu shot every year.

Doctor’s Office Urgent Care of West Caldwell has replenished their stock of flu vaccinations. We can provide you with a flu shot in West Caldwell, NJ at anytime without an appointment. Guard your immune system today!

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