Drug Screening in West Caldwell, NJ

Is an employee displaying questionable behavior that may be induced by the use of illegal substances? Do you feel as if your organization’s credibility may be jeopardized by someone who suffering from a drug addiction?
The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care of West Caldwell offers in depth drug screening services with accurate results.

Drug Screening:
Drug screening is the process of taking one or more blood samples from a patient to determine if there are any traces of illicit drugs. The screening process can detect if a patient has been consuming any form of illegal substances. Some employers choose to only test the prospective employee for one specific drug or drug category.

The staff at West Caldwell’s The Doctor’ Office Urgent Care can administer screenings quickly to ensure that you are aware of any drug abuse.

Drug screens using urine samples:
Although urine samples don’t always provide further details on the behavior of drug use (such as how often or how much is used) they are also collected during screening to analyze for traces of illegal substance use because of the accurate “positive” or “negative” results.

Reasons why urine is used more than blood samples for drug screenings:
Highly concentrated substances remain active in the urine
Drugs usually emanate in high dosed amounts through the urine
Collecting urine is quicker than collecting blood samples
Urine has less test-disrupting properties
Urine sample can detect drug use days prior to screening

Drug screening wait period:
Samples of urine or blood collected for screening are immediately admitted into the lab analysis system. The “positive” or “negative” results are delivered within one business day. Should a detailed report be required, we provide a full summary of the complete analysis within two business days.

Some urine or blood samples may delay the delivery of results because the screening process demonstrated a more in depth analysis.

Drug screenings can be completed for corporate office employment or neighborhood babysitting candidates. If you feel that your environment is being endangered by drug use, call The Doctors’ Office of West Caldwell today and ask about drug screening services.

The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care has been certified and received the distinguished accreditation from the Urgent Care Association (UCA)