Low Dose X-Rays in Paramus, NJ

Are you feeling a pain in your joints? Did a past injury start acting up again? Have you recently hurt yourself badly?
Get Quick And Efficient X-Ray Examinations From The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care And Discover Medical Issues That Lie Beneath The Surface Of The Skin!

What Are X-Rays?
X-rays are radiation rays that can be passed through solid and partially solid substances. Although most forms of radiations are harmful for the body in large quantities; in controlled dosage, an X-ray can provide doctors with a view of the internal structure of the human body. Thus, even without cutting into your skin, an X-ray will be able to determine if you have a broken bone or a tissue injury, and so on.

How Is An X-Ray Examination Performed?
Many people fear an X-ray examination, especially if they are attempting it for the very first time. However, X-rays are nothing to be afraid of, as the procedure for the examination is quick and painless.

At The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care In Paramus, We Understand If You Are Scared And Will Be Happy To Explain The Entire Process To You So That You Will Have Nothing To Worry About!

In general, the procedure of an X-ray begins with the patient being asked to lie down on or stand against a flat surface. The flat surface is actually a photographic plate. Then an X-ray machine is brought over and set over the part of your body that needs to be examined.

Once the position is set, in a fraction of a second, the X-ray machine will pass its rays through your body and onto the plate, creating a snapshot or photograph of your body’s internal organs and structure.

When X-rays pass through your body, all of the denser areas and parts of your body, like your bones, for instance, show up as white structures on the snapshot; whereas other organs that are softer appear as black spots.

How Do X-Rays Work?
X-rays are similar to rays of light that get absorbed by your body. However, the reason why X-rays are able to provide a snapshot of your internal organs is that X-rays are of a higher frequency as compared to rays of light, which are of a lower frequency. Thus, rays of light get absorbed by the body, whereas, X-rays are able to pass through it to the other side.

Why Should You Opt For An X-Ray Examination?
X-rays are ideal for those patients who may have broken bones or fractures, hairline fractures, sprains, and other problems related to the muscular system of the body. However, X-rays are often also used in mammograms to detect breast cancer, and a chest X-ray can help in the detection of pneumonia.

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Please note: X-rays are only available when a Physician and/or Radiologic Technologist are on site.