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What Are Vaccines?
Humans are vulnerable to a number of diseases and viruses that exist in this world. However, many of them have also been made extinct. The extinction of the disease does not mean that the virus is gone; it simply means that the virus can no longer cause humans to fall ill. This miraculous occurrence becomes possible when scientists are able to discover an effective vaccination for any one particular illness.

Thus, vaccines are injections or shots that can strengthen your immune system against a specific virus to make you immune to the disease caused by the virus.

How Do Vaccines Work?
When a new virus enters the body, your immune system has to work twice as hard to produce antibodies and resist its effects. However, the building and creation of the ideal antibodies is often a slow process, assisted by antibiotics and other medicines. Ultimately, when the antibodies are produced, they are able to prevent any future onsets of the same disease, making you immune to it.

An example of this is chickenpox, a disease that almost everyone has suffered from, at least once in their lifetime. However, after that one occurrence, the disease is rarely seen again; as the body becomes immune to it.

Similar to the process of actually falling ill; vaccines consist of the very virus that causes the disease. However, the substance used in the vaccine is of a much smaller and less effective variety. Thus, as vaccines are injected into the body’s blood stream, the virus is carried around with your blood cells. Your immune system immediately reacts to the foreign entity and creates antibodies to repel the virus.

Thus, although you have not been affected by the disease, your body is becoming immune to it due to the creation of antibodies in advance. Hence, the virus becomes ineffective even in large quantities.

Why Do You Need Vaccinations From Particular Diseases?
There are some diseases that are fatal or severely painful. Modern medical science has now found a way to prevent them, and as is always said, prevention is better than cure.

Vaccines provide you with a way to prevent the onset of dangerous diseases like polio, smallpox, MMR, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rotavirus, typhoid, chickenpox, influenza, and so on. Why suffer from a disease when you can prevent it with a single injection?

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