School Physicals in Paramus, NJ

Visit The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care For A School Physical Examination Of Your Child’s Health And Determine If They Are Fit To Meet The Physical Requirements Of The New And Demanding School Year Ahead!

Before the beginning of a new school year, most children have to go through a school physical examination. At The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care in Paramus, we can provide you with reliable and complete medical checkups of your children after studying their medical history and current physical condition.

What Are School Physicals?
School physicals are a complete medical examination that are required by many different schools and educational institutions, especially if your child is eager to participate in sports activities and teams during the new school year. As fitness regimens, sports activities, and other similar physical pastimes demand health and stamina from the participants, it is important to know if your child is fit enough to meet their requirements.

Who Should Opt For School Physicals?
Not every institute in Paramus, NJ, will demand a school physical, but if it is a prerequisite, all those students who are interested in participating in various sports related activities should get a school physical examination before the term begins so that they are eligible for the sports programs offered by their educational institution.

What Does A School Physical Consist Of?
A school physical is made up of two parts. The first part contains an analysis of the patient’s medical history. This includes a study of all the previous illnesses, injuries, hereditary diseases, and medical conditions that are or have been a part of the patient’s life. The next step is to examine the patient at the current state in their life. This step includes:

An examination of the joints and their flexibility to determine if they are prone to future injuries.
The testing of the vital signs, including heart rate, height, weight, and blood pressure, etc.
An eye examination that determines if prescription glasses are required or if the previous prescription needs to be revised.
A test of the overall fitness of the body, including the health of the organs like lungs, heart, throat, nose, and ears; to determine if they are functioning properly so that they will not hinder the patient when they participate in strenuous physical activities and sports.

Why To Opt For A School Physical For Your Children?
The purpose behind a school physical examination in Paramus is to determine whether your offspring has the body fitness and capability to take part in the school’s sports program. Thus, if you want to see your child excelling at school sports, you should visit a physician and get them examined for a school physical.

At The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care, We Can Offer You A Better Peace Of Mind By Ensuring You That Your Child Is Perfectly Fit To Attend School And Engage In Sports Activities To Their Heart’s Content!