Occupational Medicine in Paramus, NJ

Does your organization include work environments where employees are prone to injuries? Is employee absence due to illnesses or injuries hindering productivity and growth? Do you suspect some employees of drug and alcohol abuse?
Without The Right Medical Care, Your Employees Will Be Unhappy, And Treatments Might Last Longer Than You Can Imagine- At Doctor’s Office Urgent Care, We Make Sure That None Of That Happens With Our Profound Occupational Medicine Services!

What Is Occupational Medicine?
Occupational medicine is concerned primarily with occupational health. In simpler words, it aims to keep people healthy at work, both physically and mentally. We accomplish this through a number of different ways that help us deliver quality results and above all, keep the employees happily productive.

We advise you about workplace safety
We advise you on prevention of occupational injuries and diseases
We advise you on assessment of fitness for work
We advise you on rehabilitation of recovering employees

A Whopping Number Of Workdays Are Lost Every Year Due To Occupational Ill Health. At Doctor’s Office Urgent Care in Paramus, We Help You Minimize the Workdays Lost and Help You Get Productivity Right Back On Track!
Increase Productivity While Keeping Your Expenses Low

Our doctors are focused on excellence in delivery of services, by providing prompt and top quality care. This high level of care and focus helps ill or injured employees recover rapidly which resultantly improves their quality of life, while maintaining an employer’s productivity and significantly reducing the medical expenses.

How Do We Work?
Doctor’s Office Urgent Care is a leading provider of top-notch occupational medicine services. We have the right people and the state-of-the-art facilities to provide you with a broad spectrum of services. Our experienced doctors and therapists are not only the best at treating injured and ill employees, but they also train your employees well in a variety of injury prevention protocols.

At Doctor’s Office Urgent Care In Paramus, We Have Everything Available From X-Rays, Laboratory Services, Pulmonary Testing, Immunization, To Vaccines- So That Your Employees Keep Performing The Best In The Workplace And Personal Life!

Our Services:
Although we provide a wide variety of occupational medicine services, we are largely known as the best in:

Pre-placement testing
Drug Screening (DOT and NON DOT)
Department of Transportation (DOT) services
Post-Employment Offer Testing
Worker’s Compensation

Whichever occupational medicine services you might be looking for, we guarantee you:
Swift return-to-work initiatives
ocused cases management
ccurate diagnosis and apposite treatments
Prompt identification of non-work related complaints
Constant communication with employers
Affordable and cost effective medical services

Modern Occupational Medicine Services Require A Multidisciplinary Approach And At Doctor’s Office Urgent Care, We Work Alongside Many Healthcare Professionals To Deliver You The Best And Most Reasonably Priced Medical Services!