Lab Testing in Paramus, NJ

Do You Feel Like A Specific Allergy Keeps Coming Back No Matter What You Do? Are You Looking Forward To Hormone Replacement? Do You Feel That Shortage Of Vitamins In Your Body Is Showing Up In Your Nails, Hair And Skin?
No Matter What The Problem Is, The First Step Should Always Be A Blood Test- At Doctor’s Office Urgent Care In Paramus, We Value Your Health and We Offer Reasonably Priced, Accurate Laboratory and Blood Work Tests!

Are Blood Tests Really That Important?
Blood tests are the single most important tool that can be used to help push away health problems. At Doctor’s Office Urgent Care in Paramus, we make it possible for you to take advantage of this preventive tool at the fraction of what it would have cost you at commercial blood labs.

Not only do blood tests help you achieve a better picture of your overall health, but you can also identify potential disease risks well beforehand. This means that you are at a better position to tackle any health problems when you choose to have a blood test at the right time.

Cardiac Issues, Hormone Imbalances Or Vitamin Deficiencies- At Doctor’s Office Urgent Care In Paramus, We Make Sure That You Get The Best Results Which Help You Take The Right Preventive Actions!

You can test for specific problems with comprehensive blood test panels and individualized tests, like these:
Chemistry and metabolic profiles
Vitamin deficiencies
Heart risk factors
Male and Female comprehensive panels
Hormone panels
Achieve Optimal Health and Save Money

When you come over to have your blood tests, we make sure that you get precise results. Added to that, we make sure that all our tests are reasonably priced, so that you have the best chances to stave off diseases.

Here are some tests which you can choose from:
Cancer Tests – If you feel that you might have cancer, a blood test is the quickest way to identify the problem. If you have been diagnosed with cancer already, then we give you the option to choose from a number of different tests to help you fight this killer disease.

Hormone Tests – Hormone restoration is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to attaining a long, happy and healthy life. However, we can help you identify the lack of hormones, and other specification via our in-depth hormone blood tests.

Men’s Health Concerns – Heart disease, cancer and erectile dysfunction are the top health concerns and the right blood test can help you identify the reasons and take corrective measures.

Women’s Health Concerns – Weight management, hormone depletion, and heart diseases are the top health concerns among women, and it goes without saying how important blood tests are at identifying the causes to these problems.
The Doctor’s Office Urgent Care Keeps Your Health At The Top Of The Priority Checklist. This Is Why; We Offer You Affordable Blood Tests For Cancer, Heath Diseases, Infections, Bone Health, Kidney And Liver Functionality, And Any Other Health Risk!

All lab tests must be ordered after being seen by one of our providers.