General Medical Care in Paramus, NJ

Does that flu keep coming back? Do you feel frequent rushes of fever and cold sweat? Has an injury from a past accident started acting up?

Get Quick Results and Good Health That Lasts a Lifetime with Doctor’s Office Urgent Care’s General Medical Care Services!

Primary Care
We provide a broad range of general medical care services, from routine health examinations to managing chronic conditions. Our doctors and other healthcare professionals promote good health, through preventative medicine, health screenings and most importantly, health education. We are skilled at taking of all your medical needs like illnesses, injuries, mental health concerns, sexual health concerns, and treatment of chronic issues like asthma and allergies.

Whether It Is Flu Acting Up, Or If You Feel Stomach Aches That Last Longer Than They Should, No Matter What The Problem Is, It Can Be Taken Care Of Right Away At The Doctor’s Office Urgent Care In Paramus!

We Take Care of Illnesses
What is the worst part about going to a hospital? Without a doubt, the worst part is sitting and waiting for your turn while your condition keeps getting worse and you end up making self-assuring assumptions. That is not the case with us- At Doctor’s Office Urgent Care as soon as you come in with an illness, we start the diagnosis, and make sure that no gaps are left unchecked to help you gain your health back- all that, without an appointment or long wait.

We treat illnesses like:
Colds & Flu
Gastrointestinal illnesses
Stomach aches
Ear Infections
Eye Infections
Sinus Infections
Flu Vaccine (In season)
Insect Bites
Respiratory Infections
Bacterial Infections
Sore Throat
Strep Throat
Urinary Tract Infections
Viral Infections
STD Testing
HIV Testing
And much more!

Fractured Bones, And Other Injuries Like Cuts And Bruises Can Hinder Your Performance In Your Daily Life, However, With The Doctor’s Office Urgent Care, We Assure You That You Are In The Right Hands, And You Will Soon Be On A Path To Quick Recovery!

We Take Care of Non-Life Threatening Injuries
Physical injuries can be daunting for people who need to stay in top shape to keep performing their daily activities. Injuries from auto accidents, like broken bones, bruises, and other types of injuries from sports can possibly hinder your productivity, and in worst case scenarios, they can limit your movement to a bed. In such cases, you need to recover quickly, and our top health professionals and exceptional facilities ensure that we can help you get back on track as soon as possible!

We take care of injuries like:
Fractures (broken bones)
Foreign bodies
Skin Tags
Cuts, lacerations
Eye Injuries
Ear Injuries
Burns, abrasions (minor)
Animal Bites
Insect Bites
Sprains, strains
Sports Injuries

For The Best Quality And Affordable General Medical Care Services, You Can Rely On Us At Doctor’s Office Urgent Care As Your Dependable Healthcare Partner!