Drug Screening in Paramus, NJ

Do you feel an employee might be skimping out on responsibilities, indulging in drugs? Do you feel that your child may have fallen prey to substance abuse?
You can get efficient drug screening services and precise results, without any unnecessary delays at the Doctor’s Office Urgent Care in Paramus!

What Is Drug Screening?
Drug screens include different types of analytical techniques to recognize specific drugs in a biological matrix. Screens can be quite general- this means that they might be used to identify a huge range of different illegal drugs and therapeutic substances, and on the other hand, they might be selective, aimed at identifying a specific group of drugs. Contrary to popular belief, there aren’t any simpler ways that help point out all drugs in a person’s bloodstream.

Drug Screening at Doctor’s Office Urgent Care in Paramus can be used to identify commonly abused substances!

Qualitative vs Quantitative Drug Screening
Routinely conducted drug screening is qualitative, which means that it is specifically done to merely report the presence of drugs in a person/specimen. Urine drug screens are not quite effective at identifying the time of drug ingestion, or the amount. However, these tests give precise results when you are looking for a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ from the results.

On the other hand, quantitative analysis is carried out for a selected group of drugs. Here, we are able to identify factors like the concentration of the drugs, and other important facts like the time of ingestion, and the quantity used.

Why Do We Prefer Analyzing Urine For Drug Screens?
Urine is the most preferred biological fluid used in drug testing, and there are quite a few reasons why this is so:

Drugs are present in urine in high concentrations
A large number of drugs are excreted in urine
Urine drug screening also ensures ample specimen for analysis
Collection of specimen is completely non-invasive-there is a lower risk of HIV or Hepatitis
Urine also contains fewer substances that interfere with the test
Urine testing also gives the advantage of identifying any recent drug use (days or hours)

How Long Does It Take To Conduct A Drug Screen?
Given that a routine drug screen test is required, as soon as the specimens are received, they are logged into the system for analysis. Preliminary results are usually ready within one working day. If you don’t require any further tests, we provide you with the complete report within two working days. This result summarizes all results from the test.

Some specimen might take longer than expected, and may take a few days after the initial screening tests are conducted.

Whether You Need Drug Screens Done For Your Employees, Or For Any Other Matter, At Doctor’s Office Urgent Care In Paramus, We Help You Maintain Safety With Our Effective And Precise Drug Screens!