Low Dose X-Rays in Midland Park NJ

Have you recently torn a ligament? Are you experiencing physical pain that continues to progress? Do you possibly have a fractured bone?

Without making an incision, the medical experts at The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care in Midland Park, New Jersey can determine the severity of any injury by administering a quick x-ray exam.

Understanding an X-Ray examination
To be able to observe the internal anatomy of a patient’s body, an x-ray exam may be recommended. A machine will emit a small amount of radiation that will travel through your body in order to create two-dimensional images and determine if there is any internal damage.

During the X-Ray exam
A medical staff member will either sit, lay or stand you by a flat surface, parallel to an x-ray generator. The generator will then quickly send rays of light that will pass through your body and a device will be able to capture an electronic image of the radiation transmitted. The staff member will most likely cover areas of your body with an apron made out of lead to avoid the absorption of excessive exposure to the radiation.

In most cases, a radiographer will administer the x-ray exam and a radiologist will interpret the images produced. The exam is quick and painless, and our medical specialists will be able to provide you with accurate results immediately after the exam.

The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care of Midland Park has daily availability for patients who need an x-ray exam completed. Contact us or walk-in to our facility and our staff members will assist you with any concerns you may have.
How an X-ray Functions

Visible light, also known as UV rays, is usually absorbed by the skin. That’s why people either burn or tan under the sun’s natural rays. An x-ray however, travels at a higher frequency of radiation and has the power of traveling passed the external body. While the rays are transmitted inside, special digital photographic equipment will snapshot the rays which will also make all internal bones, muscles, organs and ligaments visible on the developed image.

Do I need an X-Ray?
An x-ray examination is usually only administered on patient’s with internal injuries, chest conditions like lung cancer or heart failure, and foreign objects like a bullet. Sometimes, as a follow up to a certain diet or supplement – a physician will ask for an x-ray exam to determine if organs are showing any harmful behavior. An x-ray is not always required but a doctor may recommend for a more accurate diagnosis.

Please note: X-rays are only available when a Provider and a Radiologic Technologist are on site.