Lab Testing & Blood Work in Midland Park, NJ

Are you at high risk for diabetes? Have you experienced any organ dysfunction? Is your blood mineral count low and affecting the appearance of your skin?
Get a complete and accurate laboratory test of your blood at the Doctors’ Office Urgent Care in Midland Park where your wellness is our priority.

When you’re in need of lab testing you want fast and accurate results. The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care offers a number of in house lab services for all our patients. Having on site services result in reduced wait times for results and also reduce the fees associated with having to go to another facility for such lab work.

• Low Dose X-Rays
• Basic Metabolic Panel
• Blood Glucose
• Complete Blood Count
• Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
• Electrolytes
• Fecal Blood Occult
• Flu
• Mono
• Pregnancy
• Strep Throat
• Trichomonas
• Urinalysis
• Cholesterol Checks
• Glucose Testing for Diabetics
• Pregnancy Test
• HIV Testing
• STD Testing

Offering care for your health at the right price
Not only do we offer blood work services that make a difference to your life but we also make sure that you can afford it. Your health is priceless and we keep that in mind.

Specialized exams are available to detect:
Cancer – you may or may not be displaying signs of cancer but early detection is essential to survival rates. For patients who were diagnosed with cancer prior to the blood analysis, we provide more thorough exam of blood counts.
Diabetes – Living with diabetes takes special attention to diet. Because of glucose levels, a laboratory analysis will detect if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
Heart diseases – heart diseases is the number 1 cause for death in America. Making sure that you are not at high risk can save your life.

The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care has been certified and received the distinguished accreditation from the Urgent Care Association (UCA)