School Physicals in Manalapan, NJ

Let our experienced physicians administer your child’s annual school physical. At The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care – Manalapan, we value you your child’s overall health.

September marks the start of new academic year. Often, physical exams are requested by the board of education to gain insight on your child’s current physical condition. The exam will typically determine if your child is physically prepared to endure the following school year.

Defining What a School Physical is:
A school physical is a comprehensive exam that determines the patient’s and/or student’s physical condition. Many academic institutions require students to provide them with the results of a physical exam to make sure that the student will be capable of completing the school year safely. Your child spends about one-third of his or her day on school grounds and teachers should be aware of any pre-existing physical conditions your child may have.

Are school physicals mandatory everywhere?
There may be schools, school districts or institutions in Manalapan, NJ that do not ask for a physical exam to be administered before the start of the school year. However, many school related activities ask children to endure physically exhausting routines, like P.E. or basketball practice. Your child’s coach is liable for your child’s safety and needs printed documentation stating that your child is fit to withstand the exercises scheduled for the students.

What is assessed during a school physical?
A physician will typically review the physical condition of a patient’s body in two stages. The first stage being, revising the patient’s medical history by asking a series of questions. The second stage will examine the patient’s current condition by::

Checking bone density and overall flexibility
Checking vision and sense of hearing to prescribe resolutions
Monitoring heart rate and breathing patterns
Analyzing height to weight ratio to avoid health complications
Why School physicals should be administered:

A physical exam is intended to keep your child safe from harm or from inflicting accidental physical harm when they are not under your supervision. While your children are being cared for at school, care-takers should be aware of any pre-existing debilitating health conditions your child may have.

The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care – Manalapan administers physical exams for children of all ages. Verify that your child is ready for the new school year and ask The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care – Manalapan for a comprehensive physical exam.

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