Our General Medical Services in Manalapan, NJ

Is your throat aching? Have you noticed an unappealing rash somewhere on your body? Has a recent abrasion failed to properly heal?

Receive the medical attention you need from the staff of Doctors’ Office Urgent Care – Manalapan. Our general medical care treats ailments and injuries, and protects you from viruses that may possibly manifest within.

Providing you with medical care:
The general medical care team at our facility is always prepared to serve you and your family, all year round. Our physicians administer annual comprehensive exams for patients of all ages and accommodate them when they are ill or injured. We encourage all patients to take the proper measures in order to sustain a healthy, proactive life by addressing current and/or future health complications.

Speak to one of the medical professionals at the Doctors’ Office Urgent Care – Manalapan about any discomforting symptoms you be suffering from.

Treating patients that feel sick:
Your recovery should not be delayed because of a crowded emergency room. We believe that every patient deserves urgent care regardless of the symptoms severity. We offer services to patients with or without appointments and ensure that they are given proper treatment.

We can cure or reduce the symptoms of :
Respiratory infections
Sore throat/ strep throat
Influenza / Provide Flu shot
Sinus infections
Viral infections
Stomach aches/ vomiting / diarrhea
Gastrointestinal complications
Administer STD/HIV testing
Administer physicals

Caring for minor injuries:
Being injured can impair our body from performing properly. Treating an injury and receiving the rehabilitation required to fully heal is necessary to continue living an active lifestyle. Avoid injuries from progressing by letting the medical team at the Doctors’ Office Urgent Care – Manalapan alleviate the pain and repair any damaged body parts.

We mend injuries like:
Broken bones
Lacerations and cuts
Animal and/or insect bites
Injured eyes and/or ears
Minor burns
Skin tags
Injuries induced by sports

Place your trust and your health in the hands of the medical professionals of The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care – Manalapan. Our general medical care services are a reliable remedy to your overall well being.

The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care has been certified and received the distinguished accreditation from the Urgent Care Association (UCA)