Flu Shots Located in Manalapan, NJ

Flu Vaccines in Manalapan, NJ: Are you ready to battle all the airborne bacteria during flu season? Do you think your immune system is strong enough to dismiss any flu symptoms from inducing?

Flu vaccines are available at The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care – Manalapan. Appointments aren’t necessary. Avoid having to disrupt your weekly routine to cater to the flu and get your flu vaccine today.

Flu vaccine:
By definition, Influenza is highly contagious respiratory illness. An accumulation of viruses attacks your body’s immune system. Although symptoms are generally mild, they can lead to more severe complications or infection.

The flu vaccine was developed from a substance that virtually behaves like a flu, which will tell your body to produce antibodies and protect your immune system. It takes an estimated fourteen days before it affects your body but will progressively stimulate production of antibodies more aggressively to ensure that you are not affected the influenza virus during flu season.

Why it’s important to receive the flu shot:
The flu affects many people nationwide, every year. The virus itself is not as harmful as the symptoms that deteriorate your body. While most patients briefly suffer from a few coughs and a runny nose, some cases have left patients bed-ridden for weeks.

Flu season starts just around the beginning of October, running for an estimated eight months until the following May. Since the season is pretty much four months short of a full year, it’s important that you guard your health all year round.

Qualifying for the flu vaccine:
The flu vaccine is available to any person above the age of 6 months. Patients with allergies should consult with their primary care physician to make sure that they are not at risk of experiencing an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

Making time to receive the flu vaccine:
Try to get your vaccine well before the flu season commences in October to give it ample time to go into effect. At the Manalapan location of The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care, appointments are not necessary. Come in as soon as the vaccines are available, our staff will be happy to assist you.

How often you should be receiving the flu shot:
The effects of the vaccine continue to protect your body for a whole year so you should be asking for a flu vaccine every year to keep you body on guard at all times.

Value your health and let out healthcare professional help finish the year in a healthy, safe condition.

The Manalapan location of The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care is open daily and offers flu vaccines to patients who wish to receive one. Start building a strong immune system today!