Tired of falling ill during the flu season?

Do you want to strengthen your immune system so that you will be unaffected by the germs that cause influenza?

At The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care, We Can Give You Flu Shots So That You Will Be Free Of This Disease And Will Be Able To Work Efficiently, Without Hindering Your Performance!

What Are Flu Shots?

Every year, influenza epidemic causes many of us to sniffle and sneeze as we try to bear the symptoms of the disease. Medical science has now found a way to prevent the flu germs from affecting your healthy immune system, by the injection of flu shots.

Flu vaccines or flu shots contain substances that develop antibodies in your system, protecting you against the flu-causing bacteria and germs. The vaccination takes effect after nearly two weeks of the injection and builds up your immune system so that you will be safe from seasonal flu symptoms.

Why Should You Opt For Flu Vaccinations During Flu Season

Influenza is a disease that affects residents all over the United States; regardless of whether they live in Paramus or elsewhere. The degree of severity may vary however, with some patients being barely affected, while others being severely ill; even leading to the hospitalization and death of many patients.

Almost every year, the flu season begins in the United States during the month of October, continuing until the month of May in the following year. Hence, with a flu season that spans over such a long duration, opting for a flu shot is a good idea, especially if you value your health and fitness.

Who Should Get A Flu Shot?

Every human being, above the age of 6 months, should get a flu vaccination. However, there are certain allergens in the vaccine that you may be allergic to, and in that case, it is best to avoid the vaccine.

What Is The Ideal Time To Get A Flu Vaccine?

As the flu season continues from October to May, it is best to get an influenza vaccination as soon as it becomes available in your area. The sooner you get the shot, the lesser the risk of suffering from this affliction.

How Long Does The Affect Of A Flu Vaccine Last?

Influenza shots are usually effective for one year only; the body becomes more susceptible to the flu virus as the year goes by. Thus, you need to get a flu shot on an annual basis if you want to prevent an onset of influenza each year.

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