School Physicals in Brick, NJ

Don’t wait until the academic year begins. Make sure your child has all of his or her school physicals up to date at The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care of Brick.

For an accurate evaluation of your child’s physical condition, the medical team at the Doctors’ Office Urgent Care of Brick offers a complete health assessment of all prior medical history and current physiological capabilities.

Understanding what School Physicals are:
Many school districts are obligated to ask students for a physical examination pre-enrollment by either a state law or the board of education. The results of the exam is provided by a physician to ensure that the patient does not have any underlying medical condition that may require extra care or may place limitations on the patient’s ability to participate in certain school-related activities. Conditions such as asthma, severe allergies or diabetes which would involve the child having to take prescribed medications regularly through the day.

Is Providing a School Physical an obligation?
Some schools or even grade levels may not require an exam upon entry but they are still recommended. Should your child choose to join a sport or an extracurricular activity that may cause any physical exertion or injury – schools need to confirm that the child is capable of engaging in all practices and games.

What School Physicals Determine
The physical evaluation is determined in two phases. A doctor will begin the exam by asking the patient and/or the parent about the patients medical history and any pre-existing condition(s) to understand what predispositions the patient may have. The doctor will then complete a physical analysis to evaluate the proper function of:

Heart rate, lungs, sense of hearing and eyesight
Examining bone density and joint flexibility
Determining if weight places patient at risk for heart disease
Detecting asthma
A School Physical will help you & those around you value your child’s health

Academic institutions want to see your child succeed on his or her endeavors. When administration is aware of a child’s capabilities and/or physical limitation, they can assist your child with the challenges they may face and prevent your child from experiencing physical, psychological or emotional damage.

Hospital visits can be scary for children. The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care within the Brick, New Jersey area always has a medical staff prepared to provide your child with convenient, pleasant experience while performing a physical exam.