General Medical Care in Brick, NJ

Did you know that excessive employee absences due to an illness or an injury will decrease your company’s overall productivity. Did you also know that occupational medicine can help your employees stay healthy and injury free while in the workplace?

Reach out to the professionals of the Doctors’ Office Urgent Care of Brick and ask about how you can take advantage of our occupational medicine services.

An intro to Occupational Medicine
When your staff is provided with the appropriate medical attention, their life and your business will benefit from a dynamic office atmosphere free of disruptions. Many companies invest in occupational medicine because it protects everyone from potential hazards present in the workplace.

Occupational medicine services incorporate:
Guidance on safety precautions while at work
Employee training on physical self-assessments
Education on recovery methods
Low price, high value

The occupational medicine services offered have been priced affordably. The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care values your employees’ health as well as the success of your business. We want to treat you, your employees and your finances kindly.

Our practice
The medical staff at the Doctors’ Office Urgent Care of Brick is highly experienced. Our state-of-the-art facility creates a comfortable atmosphere for all patients and enhances the entire occupational medicine experience. We have the advanced technology to perform any procedure from vaccinations to x-ray exams.

The Doctors’ Office Urgent Care located in Brick can help improve your employees overall well-being.

We provide a vast range of occupational medicine services, we are most popular for:
Pre-employment evaluations
Worker’s compensation
Drug tests

As medical professionals, we promise:
Fast back-to-work objectives for employees who have been injured
An accurate diagnosis of every employee’s physical condition
A reliable support system to assist you and your employees with any concerns
Affordable medical healthcare